We are at the threshold of a new Liberia, a Nation in which the rights for all will be guaranteed under the laws. It is our duty as leaders and people to carve out and rebrand Africa’s oldest Republic to reflect the true meaning of our dreams and aspirations as a people.

Twelve years of foundation- building and putting structures into place to move Liberia to another level was necessary and it is our ardent hope that with a collective effort our democratic institutions will continue to be strengthened to maintained the peace and stability required to achieve a wholesome functioning society where the full potential of Liberia and Liberians will be realized.<br> <br>

Continuity is the way forward for Liberia as we strive to build on the gains made thus far and to consolidate the peace we have attained. We must forge ahead marching under one flag with a commitment to develop Liberia by revisiting programs that are key to the survival of the State; reconciling our people, improving infrastructure, health, education and roads etc.​<br> <br>

I want to state here in no uncertain terms that Liberia is one Country, the only one we have and all Liberians have a responsibility to contribute by all means to the growth and development of our Country.

We must sustain our democratic gains and maintain our rightful place in the comity of nations and show proof of our economic independence by engaging in ventures that are crucial to further lift Liberia. It is my desire therefore that all those who believe in Liberia should read this policy prescription and contribute to the forward march to prosperity and development.