Reunite the Party 
Rebuild the Institution   

Realign the Party  
with its Vision & the  
Needs of the Country

Ensure Sustainability &  
Reenforce the  
Party’s Credibility  

Increase Membership,
Empower Partisans &
Strengthen Diaspora

Now more than ever, there is a need for Unity and Strategic Reforms in the Unity Party. Losing the election exacerbated the internal rifts within the party that already might have cost us the elections and put the entire country on a path of decline. The resulting dereliction and poor management of the crisis resulted into defections, expulsions, and resignations.  Never has the party been so polarized as now; loyal, capable, and zealous partisans have become broken, despondent, and desperate. 

Our Agenda as outlined in our core vision hinges on four main pillars that commences with bringing together ALL sides under a strategic reconciliatory agenda. We must have a genuine discussion and a thorough assessment of the errors and missteps made over the years, and culminate with a strategic revisioning exercise that will chart our strategy leading to the 2023 Presidential Elections. The purpose of such process will not be to throw blames and further disintegrate the party, but to put UNIFICATION, PARTY LOYALTY, and POLITICAL VIBRANCY on the front-burner; our partisans are truly exhausted with the negative politics and are less interested in shifting blames.     

Our candidacy is about creating a clean slate to build again a party where all are welcomed and none is excluded.  This is the Unity Party we know -  a party that does not discriminate but brings people together. The party that made history by electing the first ever woman president on the African Continent.   ​

The challenges we are now confronted with are not ordinary, thus, they demand extraordinary stewardship. Institutionally, we need to improve adherence to Administrative and Financial best practices.  ​

The Party is on the cusp of a major internal transformation concurrent with all that is happening in our country; these include the deteriorating economy, heightened corruption, poor governance, erosion of achievements made under the Unity Party’s two-term leadership, and the alignment of key political parties under the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) framework. The UP needs to align more closely  with its core base, the voters.  Losing the 2017 election might be the most necessitating factor to propel us into deeply reflecting on the lapses of the past and implementing   substantive changes to put us on a more formidable path for the future.  

As we engage the other parties under the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) framework, we must position the party and support our Standard Bearer to assume the lead role in the arrangement. The CPP is intended to align the various opposition parties to the common objective of presenting the best candidates  in the upcoming elections.   Our leadership is underpinned by the strengths and organizational efficiency we demonstrate. ​

If we intend to play the leading role in providing leadership and direction for our people, we need to engage our partners, the business community, and civil society beyond politics and elections; we need to lead the discourse on issues affecting our society. ​

We  have established a track record of remaining Loyal to the Party,  leading, motivating & empowering people, making hard decisions, creating jobs & empowering women & youths, advocating for the downtrodden, raising funds & managing finances, and importantly, maintaining credibility despite the political odds and prevailing conditions. We will employ similar qualities to unify, transform, and lead our great Party. ​


Reuniting the Party & Rebuilding the Institution 

We will:

  • Commit and ensure that we reconcile our differences and reunite the Party un a common vision.

  • Ensure that the The Party structures are  strengthened and made more effective; there are visible signs of overlapping of functions and authorities.

  • Improve communications with and interactions between the Party Leadership and the Partisans.

  • Rebuild the Party with focus on strengthening the base…the women, youths, and partisans at the core. This means empowering the local structures  (County and District leaderships) and  ensuring that they truly become the implementors of the Party’s outreach programs.  ​

  • Establish financial and operational standards that will drive the efficiency of the Party and also position us to hold the government accountable; this would include timely Financial Reports, Performance Reports on Executives, County & District Leaders as well as Legislators & Senators. ​

  • Ensure that Party executives will become more engaged with the partisans; we will visit every county to revive Party spirit and loyalty; we will work to reaffirm the Party’s vision to provide credible leadership to the country.


Realign the Party with its Vision 

We will:

  • ​Focus on redefining and emphasizing the party’s goals, principles, and values, and developing a strategic plan that will guide the party through elections and beyond. 
  • ​Ensure that the conducts of Party officials and activities of the county leaderships fit into the Party’s strategic agenda and represent the values the Party must demonstrate.  
  • ​Prioritize developing our strategies and the internal organization to support these strategies rather than being consumed largely by short-term abrasive national politics that will not give us longterm victories.
  • ​We will ensure that we exert our position as the largest opposition party with the most votes in the last election, the most trusted party with a widely  respected leader, and the only party with a solid and positive track record of national leadership.
  • ​Ensure that the Party regains any lost political capital and is seen as a mature alternative for good governance. We must be seen and respected for providing the solution to critical  national issues
  • ​We must build and maintain credibility with the other parties as well as our international partners; We will  ensure that the Party is seen as a mature alternative for good governance. To accomplish this, we will constructively engage the stakeholders
  • We will constructively engage the government and demonstrate that we prioritize the country above cheap politics; in addition to addressing political issues, we will strengthen positive advocacy on broader issues affecting the society, not limited to the economy, gender violence, crime, education, healthcare, and foreign relations.

Ensure Sustainability & Reenforce the Party’s Credibility

We will:

  • Ensure that the Party becomes financially potent in a self- sustainable manner that will drive the long-term goals of the Party. This will begin by ensuring due payments and the predictable contributions of elected partisans (Legislative and Senatorial). 

  • Ensure that activities and programs of our legislators and senators are linked to the party’s achievements so as to increase the Party’s public visibility.

  • Design and implement social enterprises (revenue generating community programs) such as agriculture, vocational training, and social services. These activities will be used to sustain the Party at the county levels and concomitantly gain public value as the UNITY PARTY’s social contributions towards the economy and communities. We need to think beyond elections; we will implement projects that demonstrate the kind of leadership we can provide if and when were are entrusted with the power to lead again.
  • Work toward developing a cohesive identity that differentiates us  from other parties including members of the CPP framework. concomitantly gain public value as the UNITY PARTY’s social contributions towards the economy and communities. We need to think beyond elections; we will implement projects that demonstrate the kind of leadership we can provide if and when were are entrusted with the power to lead again.

Increase Membership, Empower Partisans  & Strengthen Diaspora Partnership

We will:

  • Aggressively build Diaspora membership and improve linkages
  • Implement an aggressive membership drive to increase registered membership; this will be preceded by a well structured membership program that comes with benefits and privileges

  • Focus on branding the party and building party loyalty through galas, training programs, and events; with such a large pool of trained professionals, the Party can host monthly themed seminars that would help build the capacities of our members and attract new ones 

  • Improve our communication strategy with productive social media platforms and monthly news letters that will update members of party activities and maintain  consistent engagement

  • Focus on ensuring linkages between between party leadership and the partisans as part of the reunification, restructuring, realignment, and rebranding process

  • Ensure that memberships are tied into various due levels that will increase due payments